by admin on July 8, 2012

embroidered tunic

strange how a movement/an aesthetic/a trend seems to get into the air (or perhaps the water) and all of a sudden one finds oneself wanting something one wouldn’t have given a second look the previous week/month/season.  a ’60’s fashion revival has been germinating for awhile, and seems to have burst into bloom in recent months.

peasant blouses.  kaftans.  embroidered tunics.  ethnic jewelry.  bell-bottom trousers.  maxi-skirts.  i could go on.  there is even a brand called haute hippie.  as you know, esme has embraced the maxi-skirt.  now she finds herself drawn to peasant blouses and tunics.  there is gorgeous orange silk tunic on the cover of the j. crew catalog that esme would love to have in her wardrobe.

modern day hippie (at the coachella music festival)

then there’s the ethnic jewelry.  the noirs had a wonderful santa fe phase several years ago.  they’d go to a conference every summer and acquired quite the collection of native american pottery and turquoise jewelry. esme wore the latter for some years, but it has been dormant in her jewelry box for quite awhile.  and suddenly, pooom!  silver and turquoise are looking good.  i like them with orange, and with just the right denim.  i fancy a bit of a joan baez look (did you know that she lived in carmel valley for some time?).

esme was not exactly a fashionista in the ’60’s or perhaps she might find wonderful vintage attire stored in her attic.  but i’ll bet a lot of you could find some lovely stuff with a bit of archaeology!

dreaming in turquoise,



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