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dusty clothes

i don’t know if any of the rest of you have encountered this problem, but as esme has been shopping her closet, she has come across garments that have been dry-cleaned (and unworn) for ……goodness!…..a year or more!  they are perfectly “clean” with the exception of a dusting of dust about the shoulders.  esme can’t quite bring herself to send them back to the dry-cleaners.  however, she does not want to become one of those little old ladies who reek of moth-balls and dust from yards away.  (we have a number of those around here).

so what’s a person to do?  first step, smell the garment.  if it’s musty, it must go back to the cleaners.  if it’s dusty, try brushing off with a clean cloth.  next, go outside and shake as hard as you can.  i so wish i were a large terrier at these times:  you should see hunter shake his toys to make sure their little necks are broken.  your neighbors may wonder why you’re out in the yard in your bra and slouchy pants, but, hey….too bad (just make sure you’ve got on your nicest bra).

now here’s a creative solution that i thought up in my very own head.  i wonder if a little spin in the dryer with a fabric softening sheet might take any remaining dust right out of those pesky garments.  i’m a bit reluctant to experiment with this, as one could end up with a very dusty dryer.  however, i found one on-line article that seemed to support the technique.

has anyone tried this?  any other brilliant solutions?  of course, as a last resort, one could make another trip to the dry-cleaner!

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