by admin on July 14, 2012

orange sweater and navy pants

guess what arrived in the mail?  esme’s bright persimmon cashmere tee from j. crew!  boy is it orange……if i had the choice, i’d dim it down just a bit.  oooh but it’s really soft.  and it fits perfectly.  we’ve had our typical summer weather here in carmel (foggy, in the 50’s) so a bit of cashmere seems like just the ticket.

the trick will be to figure out what to wear it with.  blues and tans.  some browns.  esme wore it to the yacht club last night with a pair of dark navy trousers.  mr. noir suggested adding a multicolor scarf from CHARTREUSE.  and i think it’ll go with the spring step clogs making their way across the country via ups.  thoughts?

orange and navy with scarf from chartreuse

now esme can’t wait to see what colors they come up with for fall.  charcoal gray would be nice…..some version of purple…..maybe a french blue……note that esme had lain in wait ready to pounce on this sweater when it hit the right price point.  originally $188, a special 30% off the sale price sale rendered it a steal for $69.99!

wearing a sweater so bright you’ve got to wear shades,



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