by admin on July 16, 2012

the old matchy matchy

lol!  just as esme had started to convince mr. noir that “matching” was a bad word, matchy matchy is in again.  but apparently this is not the old matchy matchy (well of course not) where one’s shoes, belt and bag all had to be the same color.  when was the last time you saw that?  the new matchy matchy refers, among other things, to outfits where the tops and bottoms are the same pattern.  kind of like pajamas, but different.

esme had been wondering about a photo she kept encountering, depicting miuccia prada in a greenish-yellow upholstery fabric suit (top and bottom in a somewhat sickening floral pattern).  that must be the new matchy matchy!  naturally, esme can’t find the photo anywhere when she needs it.  i wonder if there is a search capacity if one has one’s fashion mags on an ipad—now that would be useful!

but here’s a photo that will illustrate the point:

what do you think??


the new matchy matchy (from august elle)

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