by admin on July 17, 2012

patterns unified by blue

alongside the new matchy matchy, pattern mixing still seems to be big.  esme has admired this style in the fashion mags, but hasn’t had the guts to leave the house in a mixed pattern outfit herself.  (although once she walked the dog in her multi-colored top and striped socks–l0l!–surprisingly enough approved by mr. noir himself!).

esme associates the birth of pattern mixing with teenage fashion blogger phenom tavi.  several years ago tavi began putting together wild and crazy outfits (of mostly thrifted items) and posting photos of herself wearing them.  her compositions were strangely compelling, and she has taken the fashion world by storm.  now big designers send her their wares, and she attends fashion shows with the other hot-shots.

if there are rules for pattern mixing, esme has been unaware of them.  to her eye, it is the lawlessness of the thing that’s part of the charm.  however, a photo of a woman in a patterned blue duster by kelly wearstler, worn over a dress in a darker blue pattern, accompanied by electric blue mules caught esme’s eye in the current elle.  (hey, kelly wearstler….she’s the designer that esme just discovered in the local store gbg!).  anyway, if you read the small print you will see the following:

“TIP  stick with a single hue.  when prints are in the same color palette, mixing patterns is foolproof.”

now esme would have to argue with the word “foolproof”….i mean try it yourself and you’ll see what i mean.  even with colors in the same hue, you could end up looking like someone’s overgrown garden, or a sofa that a bunch of teenagers has just slept on.  still, i’m game to try again.  although, my current theory is that the only people who can really carry off pattern-mixing are those who are beautiful enough to appear in a fashion magazine;  i.e. women who would “look good in a sack”.  do you ever see pattern-mixing in real life??  all i can say is, not in carmel.

lawless (?) pattern mixing

let’s make a date and go out en masse in crazy patterns!  anyone ready??




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