by admin on July 18, 2012

pregnant (in go silk blouse)

if ever there’s a depressing time for a 58 year old woman, it’s sitting in the waiting room of one’s ob-gyn’s office waiting for one’s annual exam.  esme was doing just that the other day, and even though she was dressed in her most cheerful outfit (mulitcolored top, orange cami, and loose jeans) she couldn’t help wishing she were anyone else but who she was:  the very pregnant woman with her young husband emerging from the back with a smile on her face; the newly pregnant woman in skinny jeans anxiously making her first appointment;  the young mother of one with another on the way.

i know that those times were fraught with their own anxieties, but still…….

kind of like this but not exactly!

then esme went into the exam room to undress, and what did she see but a little 2 piece exam outfit in bright prints!  these were not your paper gowns, nor your green cottons, but seemingly homemade outfits.  the top had a dark pink ruffle at the bust (rather like the things one wears for a facial) while the bottom had a dainty print and was not gigantic.  for a moment esme could almost imagine she was 35 again and pregnant with christophe!

not only that, but the office staff were all wearing scrubs in the most beautiful dark cherry color.  and one (who just happens to be the mother of christophe’s very first serious girlfriend) has a bell-like giggle that is enough to make you smile, even though she herself must be…goodness….approaching 40 these days!

so you see, small sartorial touches can really make a difference.  esme left much cheerier than she had arrived (although indeed she exited so fast that she forgot the forms for her mammogram).  and forgot to photograph the exam outfits as well!

hoping not to be there again until next year,



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