by admin on July 20, 2012

really long legs

every cloud has a silver lining, right?  (even though esme is genetically unable to look at the world this way!).  so perhaps there’s one advantage to shrinking with age.  if, like me, you’ve always had a long torso and short legs, as your torso shrinks your body should  become better proportioned!  as far as i know, the legs don’t shrink in length, thank the lord.

esme has heard of a japanese procedure in which the legs can be lengthened surgically.  ugh….to what lengths won’t we go?  but with a little patience the patient could just wait 30 years or so and find their legs to be just right.  well, this won’t make you taller, but hey, it’s not size that matters but proportion!

maybe by the time i’m 90 i’ll be one of those women about whom people say “she’s all legs”!  now wouldn’t that be something?

it’s all relative,




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