by admin on July 21, 2012

a waist surrendered

esme first heard this wonderful phrase from angie cox of  surrendering the waist implies a voluntary giving up of sartorial elements that define the mid-section.  esme’s waist  has been kind of surrendering itself for several years.  as you know, esme can’t bear to wear anything tight, confining, pinching, stiff, or even a bit close to the body….so her middle-aged waist held up the white flag some time ago.  and the waistless look has worked well with low-rise jeans and leggings.

on the other hand, since esme has given up jeans and graduated to loose pants, she has found that surrendering her waist has a tendency to make her look like one big blob!!  or at least a rather small, 5’1-1/4′ blob!  comfortable is one thing.  blobbishness is quite another.  but what is a princess-and-the-pea type to do?

esme is experimenting with belts.  she now has one stretchy black elastic belt that she can wear for several hours without feeling compelled to rip it off.  she’s shopping her closet and trying her loose pants with fitted tee’s or even tank tops under shirts or blouses.  here’s an outfit that she deemed a success:  we have cut loose pants in a gray-blue linen, fuchsia tank from banana republic (some years past), and thrifted plaid shirt in fine cotton.  the tied shirt works in lieu of a belt, and can be tightened or loosened as needed.

how about the rest of you out there?  have your waists surrendered or do they fight on?

trying for a bit of shape,



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