by admin on July 22, 2012

red coral

or maybe a lost neck!  esme spent a pleasant hour yesterday looking through family photo albums.  her motivation was to find a photo of herself wearing one of her favorite necklaces of all time:  an american indian heishi choker with a large irregular coral in the center, bought for a pittance at the outdoor market in santa fe some years ago.  it was a great everyday necklace and the coral was wonderful to twirl around in your fingers as you contemplated heavy issues like whether to buy regular or organic bananas at the savemart.  it would also have looked quite chic with esme’s little collection of orange garments.

esme was quite unable to find a photo of the coral necklace, which was lost some time between 1991 and 1999 (i think).  but she did find some photos of herself looking amazingly younger–oh the smooth neck, the glint in her eye, the dark hair.  her eyebrows and even her eyes looked markedly darker and …….glossier.

would finding that necklace (or something like it) recapture esme’s lost youth?



maybe this one would do!

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