by admin on July 23, 2012

skirt in the window

esme has had her eye on a wonderful polka dot skirt by dress to kill (!) that’s been in the window at SYLVIE’S.  she happened to pop in the other day just as a woman was trying it on.  oh my—so cool!  after the woman left to think it over esme just had to try it on herself.  oh my—fab!

and just as esme was admiring herself in the skirt, who else should pop in but the teacher of esme’s first fashion course, alison shelling, a designer herself.  alison opined that the skirt was terrific on esme (“it’s you,” she said.)  oh dear oh dear.

fortunately, esme was able to tell herself that the skirt was a.  too big and b.  too expensive.  however, now she’s got polka dots on the mind and is fantasizing about what she might do if that skirt lasts long enough to go on sale.

one can dream,


skirt on esme

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