by admin on July 25, 2012

from august VOGUE

what makes a family breathtakingly beautiful?  it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a few supermodels as members (and progenitors).  esme simply could not stop gazing at a photo-spread in the new august VOGUE.  the subjects are ex-supermodel patty hansen, her current husband keith richards (the rock star) and their various children and grandchildren.

just look at this shot of lucie de la falaise (step daugher-in-law to patty and a model herself)!  that neck!  omg!  the headscarf!  the bangles!  the gauzy ferragamo hippy dress!  the way she’s gazing into her son’s eyes!

and look at this one:  patty in etro shirt and pattern-mixed skirt rubbing noses with the jug-eared keith!  esme was looking about in SHE yesterday when she heard a group of texas ladies talking about patty hansen in her etro shirt.  esme was able to inform them that MADRIGAL carries etro, although who knows about that particular shirt?

in etro

esme, with her background as a psychologist and her tendency to negative thinking, couldn’t help speculating that this back-to-nature utopian family is probably as full of dysfunction as the next one.  but this didn’t detract from the sheer physical beauty of these photos.

it’s almost worth buying the august issue of VOGUE at full-price just to look.




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