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korean street fashion

just when esme was feeling kind of frivolous and lazy and quite unbloggish, she received this missive from phashion plate, her faithful reader who has been traveling in asia.  perfect—she could let mr. plate be a guest blogger for the day!  here is what he had to say:

This is a picture for you — it’s from Korea and it was the store where the F.F. bought the top.  But these outfits are MUCH more expensive.  Too expensive.  But, as you can see, they are really delightful.   Remember that this is the shop with the $200 scarf…

The Tokyo fashion report is pretty much the same as Korea: Incredibly high heels (3 or 4 inches!) on the young women.  Even though the heat and humidity make it brutal, it’s still standard to layer (but the layers are very thin).  Example: black leggings, shorts or a short skirt and a top.  Or, leggings, a very thin dress and a thin top.  I would say that since Korean/Japanese women are “thinner” on top, that bras were not as common (camisoles on the other hand…).  Also, just as a note: I did not see a bra/cami strap very often.  Interesting, no?
One of the more interesting outfits I saw was on a 75+ year old woman.  She was wearing a pair of harem pants of intense indigo blue — as in a Hokusai print.  I don’t remember the top, but she was also wearing a matching “jacket”.  The weave was very “open”, cool to the air I would say.  And she was wearing a hat of course.  I would have taken a pic, but the F.F. had the camera.
how esme would have loved to have seen the older woman in indigo harem pants!  however, even if one’s camera is at the ready, it’s quite a challenge to photograph street fashion unless you are THE SARTORIALIST.  you either have to catch your subject unawares (which means they’ll be too far away or pictured from the back), or you really must ask permission (which takes a bolder person than esme).

japanese street fashion
i love the idea of gauzy layering, but leggings in heat and humidity???  i don’t think i could do it.
for some reason, esme’s iphoto would not let her save p.p.’s photo, but let’s see if she can find one similar.  the window display looked for all the world as if it could be sylvie’s!
feeling gauzy,

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