by admin on July 27, 2012

just the right shape black jacket and loose pants

esme learned this great word from one of the food writers in our local paper, THE MONTEREY HERALD:  craveability.  the meaning is clear—something that makes your mouth water, and causes you to crave it.

of course there’s craveability in fashion (or any material object, activity, or person i suppose).  when it comes to shopping, craveability is both dangerous and exciting.  if one scours the stores and finds nothing to crave, well…..that’s a bit of a downer.  on the other hand, when one finds much to crave, one is in danger of being overwhelmed by desire (and credit card debt).

even though esme is usually not one who craves summer clothes, she has found a lot to crave on her recent shopping expeditions.  perhaps we can put them into categories to make things simpler:  dresses and skirts with polka dots;  striped tops; loose but flattering pants; black jackets; and anything orange.

oh yes.  and i’ve figured out why i’ve been so attracted to dresses this season.  it’s the shape.  so many frocks with fitted bodices, forgiving waists, and flared skirts—i could buy 10 of them!

what do you crave?

lusting away,



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