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beach volley ball bikinis

at ages 35 and 33 respectively, misty may and her volley ball partner kerri walsh, are somewhere on the border betweem gen x and gen y.  their parents are most likely somewhere in esme’s generation—baby boomers.

topless in the ’60’s

we baby boomers first flaunted our bikinis in the ’60’s (some even went topless).  around the same time feminists protested the exploitation of women’s bodies in pornography.  esme recalls attending such a protest–take back the night in s.f.– as part of her work as an editorial assistant at harper & row.

so, what do the old-time feminists think of beach volley ball bikinis?  esme imagines they have concerns.  and yet, the athletes themselves, as well as many gen x and gen y women, seem to embrace these skimpy threads.  what’s happening here?

esme suspects that women in gens x and y tend to take their equal rights for granted.  unlike baby boomer women, who were fighting for respect and equality in the workplace and elsewhere, gen x and gen y just assume they’ll be treated equally.  they have no axes to grind.  they don’t mind the occasional role as sexual objects.  they are more secure in their bodies than we baby boomers could ever be.

now readers, esme is too old to have profited from college courses such as “history of feminism” or departments entitled “women’s studies”, so do correct me if i’ve gotten some of the historical details wrong here.  and tell me what you think of all this.




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