by admin on August 6, 2012

leaving the gym in aventures tunic

what is the sportshopper to do if she loves clothes but has few occasions to wear them?  esme and her sister roz have been texting back and forth about this very issue, both being non-working women who neither belong to boards nor volunteer at the opera! what do we DO?? you might ask.  well, in addition to shopping, just living life can keep a person quite busy.

i do sometimes wish that i were on the boards of various organizations:  the meetings and parties are great occasions for wearing one’s clothes.  however, guess what?  a lot of what one is expected to do in such positions is donate money.

so, back to my original question.  i have become a big advocate of wearing one’s semi-nice clothes on a day-to-day basis.  too many of us have descended into yoga wear, sweats, faded tees or ill-fitting jeans to wear in our daily lives.  just hang out at the frozen yogurt shop and you’ll see what i mean.

a member of my book group was telling us how she admires a couple who walk on the beach every morning, the woman dressed in skirts, scarves and interesting layering pieces.  why not?

esme has been very happy wearing her collection of linen, khaki, and tencel pants this summer,  topping them with whatever shirt or blouse she has a crush on at the moment.  this week it’s been her aventures striped tunic, which she ended up buying after mr. noir and angie cox saw the photo on her blog and praised it!

so go ahead…..put the sweats in the attic and pull out your clothes!  i guarantee you’ll get some looks and maybe even some compliments.




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