by admin on August 7, 2012

vyykn water machine

a few weeks ago esme came into her gym and saw a strange looking machine in the lobby.  not an exercise machine, but a new age thing that looked a bit like r2d2.   turns out that it’s a vyykn water machine.  it creates purified water, oxygenated water, and ionized water.  although esme is a big water drinker, she tends to be most skeptical of stuff like this.  however, as the water is free, she decided to try it.

hmmm.  her favorite so far is the ionized water.  apparently this is more alkaline than normal water and is supposed to be good for you.  what esme liked about it is that it leaves a tingly feeling on your tongue long after you have drunk it.

after lo these many years in carmel esme has become accustomed to the rather icky water here.  only a trip to the bay area will make her recall the wonders of hetch hetchy.  carmel is wonderful in almost every way, but it’s water quality….sucks.  so for now esme is drinking a cup of vyykn water on entering and leaving the gym.  who knows what it’ll do for her body, but at least she’s staying hydrated.  even swimmers sweat, you know, although we would never admit it.

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