by admin on August 8, 2012

alembika at sylvie’s

as the summer sales wane, fall (or “transition”) fashion starts to trickle into the shops.  esme couldn’t help peaking into sylvie’s to see what was new.  a lot, as it turns out.  sylvie is showing a terrific israeli line called alembika–soft knits in vibrant oranges mixed with blacks and grays, polka dots and stripes, and various geometric juxtapositions.

i guess orange is still in.  it looks fresh alongside blacks and grays for fall.  esme really wants one of these tops.  she especially likes one which is black on one side and orange on the other.  she imagines it would go with most of her collection of loose black pants.  she loves the cap-sleeved tee with stipes and dots too.  not sure it would flatter her shoulders, but worth a try.

alembika stripes and dots

and if you’re too far away to come to sylvie’s, check out this website which carries the alembika line.

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