by admin on August 9, 2012

dog walking clothes

esme bought her current dog-walking staples around the same time she acquired a dog—about 11 years ago.  as esme contemplated her ever-growing closet of clothes, she was struck by the contrast between her approach to dog-walking clothes and her approach to everything else.  esme feels no need to renovate her dog-walking wardrobe.  her collection of one winter parka, one summer parka, a few cotton/linen jackets, one pair of winter shoes, one pair of summer shoes, and a tilley hat have served her well for the past decade.

true, the shoes are beginning to wear out, and the elastic on the sleeves of the winter jacket need replacing.  but they still work, and still look fine.  these are functional clothes, meant to withstand the weather, dog paws and the occasional dog-spit.  the pockets must hold treats, poop bags and keys.  all are washable.  i wear them for an hour or so daily, over my cut-loose pants and aventures tunic, or my one pair of comfy jeans and cashmere sweater, or……

lately, as i assess the wisdom of adding new garments to my wardrobe, i’ve been thinking about my dog-walking clothes.  the idea that a few items can serve one well for years…….gives me pause.  mentally i inventory my wardrobe favorites.  this is not to say that i haven’t bought anything recently (lol!!!), but……..it’s rarely a mistake to take a pause (or perhaps i should say a paws!).

gotta go walk the dog,



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