by admin on August 12, 2012

polka dot scarf from GAP

esme began a small quest after spotting a woman on the scenic road pathway wearing the most perfect polka dot scarf:  it was dark blue, with large orange polka dots.  esme fancied it would work with her bright orange j. crew cashmere sweater.  (btw, esme has been discussing this sweater and it’s orangeness on a really cool on-line forum run by angie cox.  here you can post photos, questions, etc. and receive opinions and ideas from the other forum members.)   sooo, esme has been thinking about a scarf with blue and orange to tone down her sweater a bit.

anyway, the woman wearing the scarf was long-gone before esme could question her about it (and esme would have been too shy anyway).  but esme imprinted it in her mind and set about searching her computer as soon as she got home.  it took a few tries but guess what she found:  the exact scarf by GAP, which happens to be having a 30% off sale through today (aug. 12).

well, we do have a local GAP, so esme set off to see if she could try the scarf on.  lo and behold, they had one, but it was orange with blue polka dots instead of the other way around.  quite fetching, but too much orange in just the wrong shade.  so esme scooped up a few pairs of polka dot socks and trundled home to order on-line.  don’t you love the feeling of waiting for a package?

more GAP polka dots

still seeing dots,



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