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alembika outfit

esme just had to try on the new israeli pieces that sylvie has gotten in for fall.  often she’ll do an on-the-rack inspection of an outfit, and then return when she’s in a trying-on mood to try it on.   looks like esme’s (and the fashion world’s) love affair with orange will last at least into fall.  the alembika pieces mixed various shades of orange with grays and blacks in solids, stripes and polka dots.

esme had been particularly taken with an oversized (of course) top in black and burnt orange.  she tried it on with jeans (not bad) and then with a skirt in matching burnt orange (great!).  a cap-sleeved t-shirt with an orange center and striped and dotted sleeves captured her attention (well, it was hard to ignore), but as esme predicted was meant for a longer, leaner-chested person.  if any of you locals out there meet this description, you must check it out!

alembika tee for someone else

the line also includes little short-sleeved jackety/capey thingies.  a fellow shopper tried one on and looked darling in it.  they were a bit much for esme’s figure, but wonderfully whimsical nonetheless.

so now esme is fantasizing about the black and orange top and the orange skirt.  mr. noir approved of the photos.  however, when would esme really wear such an outfit?  it’s somewhere between casual and dressy.  great for a chilly evening out in carmel.  but esme has quite the collection of such outfits.  a brave person would wear it for d0g-walking and look totally fab, but even esme might not be that brave (in any case the label recommends hand-washing or dry-cleaning….ugh).

which goes to show that just because you like something, and it happens to look good on you, does not necessarily mean it would be wise to buy it.  oh sigh…….could be one of those cases where esme waits until it disappears and then decides in retrospect that she really should have had it in her closet!  “her” black-and-white polka dot skirt, btw, is gone.

ah the highs and lows of sportshopping,



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