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here it is, concours week again.  exotic cars are traveling from north, south, east and west to land in carmel and pebble beach.  just driving on 101 is a trip for the car enthusiast.  esme recalls when the noirs lived in the bay area, and drove down to carmel for the events, spotting (among other things) a parade of vintage gull-wing mercedes heading down 101.

yes, “car week” as we call it, can be seen as a display of unabashed materialism.  but it’s also an opportunity to participate in an awe-inspiring visual/artistic feast.  the lines and colors of the historic cars are to die for.  their meticulous upkeep is a lesson in the stewardship of beautiful things.  and the people-watching is unsurpassed.  (or perhaps i’ve just been living with a car guy for too long!)

we used to get rather dressed up when we came to car week from afar.  now esme sees it as an opportunity to sport some of her outfits so she can see and be seen.  she will admit that being short is a disadvantage during car week, as most of the events involve crowds.  it would be much easier to see and be seen if one were….say…..6’5″ like my nephews.  too bad i’m too old to ride atop mr. noir’s shoulders!

figuring out what to wear for the outdoor events can be a challenge.  on the one hand, one wants to look stylish.  on the other, lots of walking and standing on grass, dirt, gravel, pavement, and in sun, wind and fog are required.  so one needs comfortable shoes, a wrap that’s not too heavy to carry, a sun hat and a minimal purse or some large pockets.  even better, one needs a husband with large pockets (mr. noir refers to himself as “the load beast”).

today we are going to walk down to the CONCOURS ON THE AVENUE, a free event where vintage cars are on display on ocean ave.  i’m thinking i’ll wear something simple and functional:  my jag jeans, arcopedico sneaks,  maybe a colorful top, a leather jacket and my woven hat.

see ya there!




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