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from ELLE: fashion as protection

the september issue of ELLE contains an article with a concept dear to esme’s heart:  clothing as protection.  protection against what?, you might ask.  the ELLE article describes an “urban warrior” prepared for “the battles of the everyday”.  ummmmm….whatever those may be.  how about:  lugging a bag of groceries, brushing up against a dusty car, trying not to step in dog-poop, avoiding panhandlers, protecting your skin from wind-blown grit, fending off real or imaginary predators.  what would be on your list?

ELLE describes “puffy, bulletproof-looking vests and skirts as shields”.  leather seems to be everywhere, but it’s often a soft, fluid version that could be mistaken for silk.  waxed fabrics that look like leather are big.

esme was tempted by a little waxed cotton jacket at GAP the other day that perfectly fit the protective category.  ultimately she decided that the shoulders looked too bulky on her, but she loved the safe feeling she had when trying it on.  indeed, esme’s 10 year old oversized bomber jacket will come in very handy this year.  it has ample pockets so you don’t have to carry a purse (doesn’t a purse just make you feel instantly vulnerable??), a zip-out lining, a collar that can be turned up, and even a sheep-skin collar-lining that can be added for extra warmth.

waxed cotton jacket from the GAP

add some not-too-tight denim jeans, a GAP favorite tee, and a pair of sturdy rubber-soled ankle boots, and esme is prepared for battle!

what do you like to wear for protection?

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