by admin on August 18, 2012

big pants (from ELLE)

finally, esme’s carefully curated collection of voluminous pants is about to pay off!  esme fell in love with volume a couple of years ago, while shopping at sylvie’s.  as you know, the trend up until recently has been skin-tight pants, so esme tended to look a bit eccentric in her wide-legged, drop-crotched bottoms.  but according to ELLE, big pants are “part of the season’s overarching move toward fuller silhouettes”!

will this sound the death-knell for spanx?  esme certainly hopes so.  the idea of stuffing oneself into an undergarment like a sausage into it’s casing has just never had much appeal in my mind. there has been much debate about whether large pants can be sexy.  but how sexy could it be to undress a woman in a skin-tight outfit only to find a layer of casing holding in her bulges underneath?  best to let one’s fat fly free!  best to let air freshen the skin.  let a few sea breezes kiss your thighs!  oh my!  now that is sexy!

not only are pants growing, but tops are growing too.  it used to be that one was inveigled to wear a fitted top with loose pants (or vice versa) but this fall one can go big all around and look perfectly stylish.  esme likes to wear a vertical element—a long necklace, a scarf—for balance, and sheer or flowing fabrics are flattering.  now if only the designers that i keep falling in love with would make their voluminous clothing in one size smaller (over-sized clothing for the petite woman?) esme would be in seventh heaven.

esme in volume

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