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stiletto heels for the young

last night we attended the annual car week party put on by CLASSIC COACHWORKS.  this is where mr. noir spends a good bit of his discretionary income keeping up his jag-u-ar.  one sips champagne and nibbles figs-with-goat-cheese while mingling amongst the cars.  the vehicles are polished to a high shine and one could eat off the engines.  and of course it’s an opportunity to dress up a bit.

if only i could wield a wine glass, a plate and an iphone at the same time, i could have taken some marvelous photos.  however, having only 2 hands, i had to forsake the iphone.  there are almost always some interesting outfits at this party.  a woman of a certain age wore a dark gray woven sweater with a bit of a sheen over a silk blouse with a petal-like fringe at the neck–very chic.  another sported a ’50’s style floral dress that looked just right for dancing.  and then there were the young-uns.  a few quite remarkable pairs of stiletto heels such as esme only sees in bergdorf goodman ads. and a wonderful bandage dress that kept slipping off and having to be restored!

esme wore her graphic print black and white blanque blouse atop a pair of only slightly voluminous black pants.  she decided to don her alegria shoes to maximize her ability to stand for hours on the cement floor partaking of the goodies.  the shoes were a resounding success:  esme’s feet barely hurt, and she could have outlasted mr. noir at the trough.  she did get a bit of help from a stint sitting in the star of the show:  a restored austin healy 3000 in delicious cream with an interior of black leather with red piping.  oh my it must have looked quite fetching with esme’s blouse!

still on my feet,


kinda like this but in cream!



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