by admin on August 21, 2012

at concours on the avenue

esme knows that metallic fabrics are really in this season, but she’s been wondering why metallic car colors have been so dominant over the years.  the contrast with historic cars is striking.  so many of the cars we saw during concours week came in the most delicious-looking non-metallic colors:  a key-lime green, rich creams, dense blues, and of course british racing green.  i just love these colors.  but try to find a contemporary car in a non-metallic paint and you are out of luck unless you want black or white (and a very few reds).

esme assumed that her resident car encyclopedia, mr. noir, would know the reason for this phenom.  but no–he was just as mystified as esme.  she then turned to christophe, who is working at an l.a. ad agency focusing on cars.  christophe hadn’t a clue.  finally, esme googled the matter.  all she learned was that metallics are more expensive than non-metallics.

esme has noted that some of the really cute, hip european cars (minicoopers and fiats) are starting to appear in tempting non-metallic shades.  i might have to buy one just for it’s baby blue!  indeed, the first car esme can recall from her childhood was a (probably late ’50’s?)  baby blue plymouth station wagon with chrome fins.  those cars looked ridiculous for some years, and now guess what?  they’re starting to be refurbished and coveted by car fanciers.

baby blue

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