by admin on August 24, 2012

coming to carmel

esme has ordered a number of things on-line recently (all unavailable in the stores just so you know!).  a few she has kept, and a few more she has promptly returned.  a pair of jag jeans in 4p from the nordstrom anniversary sale worked out quite well, while a gap scarf and sweats went back.  2 pairs of spring step shoes were returned, while the third pair was a charm!

on-line ordering is easy on the shopper’s feet, back, and gas bill.  to me it has a feeling of efficiency.  however, after making several returns in short succession, i began to wonder about the effect of all those ups trucks on the environment.  i pictured little troops of brown vans truckin’ down the highways and byways delivering shoes with esme’s name on them to carmel.  and another little troop of trucks truckin’ back to wherever they came from taking back the rejects.  seems like that would use up a lot of gas and man hours.

of course one’s clothes have to get to the brick-and-mortar stores too (probably in the same trucks) but more in bulk.  and one has to hop in the car (usually) to get to the stores and back.  it boggles the mind to imagine which method is more eco-friendly, but somehow i imagine it’s not on-line shopping.  anyone know anything about such things??

of course, shopping in three dimensions burns a lot more calories, a good thing in my mind.  and creates a lot more interactions with real people (although now the fed ex guy is familiar with hunter and brings him a treat).

spring step shoes

opinions, readers??

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