by admin on August 26, 2012

multi-dimensional dresses in VOGUE

VOGUE has a fascinating article in it’s september issue about fashion’s rebellion against the digital world.  VOGUE describes a fall trend where two or more seemingly disparate garments are combined into one dress–a floral front atop a plaid back, for instance.  esme loves the way the author describes this trend:  “the front-to-back conceit feels a little like a power grab back from the virtual world…”

it has often struck esme how FLAT the world becomes when one is immersed in screen images.  every once in a while she’ll be checking her email while walking the dog, and have to remind herself to look up, around, down, through… sniff the air, feel the cold…..and the real world seems suddenly amazingly….three-dimensional!

it is this three-dimensionality, as well as impressions from all 5 senses, that we miss when shopping on-line.  so run out there and shop in a real store (or at least take a walk in the park)….quick….before your mind itself becomes two-dimensional!

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