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flower child?

if you’ve ever lived (or imagined living) in san francisco, you really must read the non-fiction book SEASON OF THE WITCH.  it’s a history of the city from the hippies to the 49ers.  esme’s book group read it, and of course found themselves longing for flower-child outfits.

even though this era is quite in vogue right now, we all found it a bit difficult to come up with authentic outfits.  in the ’60’s esme was still in grade school-high school, and tended to wear peter pan collars and little tweed skirts.  she was not a member of the high school stoner group either.  in the ’70’s she was in college.  while some of her colleagues sported bell-bottoms and tie die, esme’s outfits were just plain blah.  so forget raiding her attic for an outfit!

instead she donned her dark olive maxi-dress, a long floral shrug, and some actual platform shoes recently purchased on sale.  she wished she  had had the foresight to shop for a long dark wig.  she fancied looking like a short joan baez.  but alas, she scored neither a wig nor anything to put in the brownies.

nonetheless, a good time was had by all.  indeed the biggest hit of the evening had nothing to do with the sixties.  dogs were not “in” then as they are now, but the hostess’ little terrier lucy stole everyone’s hearts and laps……well, until it became evident that she was an equal opportunity cuddler (perhaps that does reference the ’60’s after all)!

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