by admin on September 1, 2012

not exactly like this but…..

a friend of mine carries her cell phone in her bra.  mr. noir was agog the other night at dinner when said friend reached into her blouse and whipped out…….a little phone.  when the laughs subsided we decided we might have a brilliant fashion idea:  lingerie with cell-phone pockets.

admittedly, the new iphone is rather larger than would be ideal for carrying on one’s person.  but esme imagines it would fit into little silk pouch under one’s armpit, or perhaps dangling from the center of one’s bra.  perhaps they could re-design the phones with a bit of a curve, so they might fit into the cup of one’s smaller breast and even serve the purpose of increasing symmetry!  certainly a sports bra would be easy to fit with some sort of spandexy cell-phone pocket.

and what about undies??  what with pants becoming looser these days, one could hang a cellular on one hip and no one would be the wiser (well, the elastic would have to be pretty sturdy)…….oh my, the imagination could go wild with this one, but i think i’d better stop right here!

tickled but not yet vibrating,

impromptu sports bra phone-holder



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