by admin on September 2, 2012

fall cords from GAP

what is it about fall that has a person longing for just the right pair of cords?  must be something archetypal about the soft but textured feel of the fabric that makes one want to curl up with a pair and settle in for a good read.  or strut one’s stuff with a tweed jacket on top.  the colors help too:  goldenrods, burgundies, leaf-browns, reds and oranges….almost as good as a trip to new england.

esme had to give away her small collection of cords from past years—i don’t know what happened, but they must have taken a few too many accidental turns in the drier.  baggy is the new skinny anyway, so there!  my stores are empty and and i’m ready for a new harvest.

esme’s bloggers have been talking a lot about GAP boyfriend jeans.  now GAP has come out with boyfriend cords.  esme couldn’t resist a peek in the stores.  she almost fell in love at first feel—the fabric is incredibly soft.  colors so far are a bit strange:  a bright red-orange, light brown, and a mustardy yellow.  esme has always had a weakness for mustard, so she had to try on a pair.

on the advice of angie cox, she sized up for optimum bagginess.  indeed the 4 was nice and roomy (although not nearly as baggy as many of esme’s pants).  the waist was really big, however, and required bunching up with a belt.  because the fabric is so soft this seemed ok.  however, the salesperson persuaded esme to try the 0’s.  these fit the way a normal person might like, but didn’t quite have room for a small mammal to crawl around inside.  the 2’s (which they only had in brown) were in between (of course!).

just for comparison, esme popped into j. crew to take a look at their cords.  the cuts are more standard, but the fabric not nearly as soft.  and esme couldn’t get them to bag at all!

so now esme has been obsessing about the size of the GAP cords.  and wondering what tops would go with mustard yellow.  she may take a gamble with the 2’s on-line (they are having an on-line sale through labor day).  one great thing about the big box stores is that you can return things if they don’t fit!

of course, cord season has just begun, so we can expect more on the horizon.  if you’re longing for cords, keep your eyes peeled!




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