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simone perele from INTIMA

speaking of lingerie (well i was just reading my own post about cell-phones in bras), esme’s favorite lingerie store has moved and morphed.  INTIMA now inhabits a larger and airier space on san carlos st. between 6th and ocean.  and if, like most, you are totally mystified by carmel street addresses, just ask a local for directions (you can usually spot one by the canine on the end of their leash).

intima still carries a delicious selection of european lingerie.  indeed, esme made an impetuous purchase of one of the most fabulous bras she has seen in a while.  she knew that mr. noir couldn’t possibly object.

now, however, the store also carries an expanded selection of more utilitarian wear.  they have sports bras, knit cami’s (by hanro and calida), and even a layering turtle neck or two.

sportsbras from INTIMA

esme wound up having a fun chat with a woman shopping for a tennis bra.  from the dressing room esme could hear her bemoaning the oh-so-common-shopping-problem that the bra that fit best was also the least inspiring.  her husband (waiting rather self-consciously on the side-lines) reassured her that looks were not important at their age.  oh my.  well, esme just could not stop herself from jumping in.  she eventually ended up persuading the woman to try a few fetching numbers in a different size (turns out she had been “fitted” in the past by victoria’s secret).  and sure enough, as esme (really quite fatigued by this time) stepped out the door, she was happily purchasing several bras ranging from the functional to the fancy.

esme was proud of her mitzvah for the day, and rather wondered if she shouldn’t consider a little employment in the lingerie business.

happy to help (and shop),



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