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russian fashion

one of the great things about travel is being able to see first hand what other people are wearing!  a book group buddy of esme’s is traveling in russia.  asked for a style report, she had this to say:

“As I’m resting my poor, weary feet, I’m really glad I wasn’t wearing some of the footwear I’ve seen on our travels!  Russian fashion is probably a little bit of everything transplanted from Europe and the US.  I’ve seen lots of colored tights with very short skirts often worn with high heeled boots or shoes.  Some great looking ones too, but I would be dead wearing them!  Also the ubiquitous jeans are VERY tight and worn with spiky heels.  Furs are for sale, the real deal….  Guess I shouldn’t be bringing any of them home although a little Russian hat would be fun.

We went to the ballet last night and saw fashion from really sloppy tourists to a few rather elegantly dressed women and men.  Needless to say I did not have appropriate skimpy attire.”
esme must confess that she wouldn’t have imagined russian women in skimpy attire.  fur hats, yes, but miniskirts and high-heeled boots?  no.  so much for stereotypes!  esme has discovered that there are quite a number of russian fashion bloggers.  cool, no??
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