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to describe someone as vain is rarely a compliment.  a friend described her very elderly mother thus, painting a picture of a frail but imperious being risking a fall because she is too vain to carry a cane.  vanity implies self-centeredness, narcissism, an emphasis on appearance before all else.

and yet, esme has found (as she grows older and perhaps vainer), that there is a place for vanity.  esme was quite thrilled the other day when a doctor she consulted about her various arthritic ills praised her for keeping up her fitness.  does esme exercise and maintain her weight because she wants to be healthy?  not really:  she does so because she is vain!  and she would bet a pretty penny that most of the exercisers at her gym would confess to a similar motivation.

at the gym

a lack of attention to personal appearance can also be a red flag for depression, cognitive deterioration, and other mental troubles. casting off vanity is not necessarily a good thing.  might as well invest in the body while we still have one!

of course, the trick is balance.  or, as my beloved japanese physical therapist used to say, baaalaaaance.


gotta stop here and go to the gym,



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