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tops and jackets

definition of a wardrobe capsule:  a group of garments, intended for a specific occasion or purpose, many of which can be mixed and matched to create a whole that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.  ok, esme made that one up herself, but i think it conveys the general idea.

creating a clothing capsule is quite the intellectual and aesthetic challenge (at least it is for me).  it requires vision, planning and forethought.  esme decided to use her recent trip to l.a. to practice creating a travel capsule.  it was a wonderful opportunity to wear warm weather clothing such as one rarely needs in carmel.  and to visualize shapes and colors.  and to pack light.  however, esme had to look GOOD—she and mr. noir were meeting christophe’s lovely girlfriend’s family for the first time and esme could not afford to look dumpy, dowdy, mismatched, silly, or downright blah!

airy pants and a polka dot dress

so, she decided on a tan/black/orange theme.  wide bottoms, more fitted tops.  sleeveless all the way (despite her back fat phobia).  one dress.  a selection of bras.  2 light jackets (one black, one multi-colored).  black mephisto sandals and multi-colored spring step mary janes.  socks not necessary.  and of course, a swimming capsule.

as it turned out, esme was comfortable and quite pleased with her selection.  how freeing it was to be without sleeves–her arms were positively dancing!  mr. noir admired her polka dot dress (worn to mackenzie rae campbell’s amazing performance in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF).

a few additions and subtractions suggested themselves.  a tight black cami was clearly too hot, and esme really needs a swimming cover-up for going up and down elevators and through hotel lobbies in her swim togs.  (really, the sight of an almost 59 year old in a wet swim suit can’t be recommended, even if it is esme herself).

swim capsule with coolibar rashguard

the first thing esme noted upon return to carmel was that she was instantly freezing in her sleeveless top!  so much for the liberated arm. and yet…..

happy to be home and cherishing fond memories,



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