by admin on September 12, 2012

if you have noticed an unexpected CRAVING for lovely lingerie, you are not alone.  a previous post about beautiful bras at INTIMA received several inquiries and requests for further details.  what was the brand of your favorite?  do they come in all sizes?  underwire or not? out of the blue, women find themselves wanting fabulous foundations!

esme could only speculate as to what might be generating this spike in lingerie-tropia (ok, i made that word up).  the inquirers were all women of a certain age.  many were in one of esme’s book groups (NOT the book group that had read SHADES OF GRAY, btw).  has anyone researched the connection between willingness to spend money on fancy foundations and economic growth?  esme certainly hopes there is one.  does the nature of one’s underpinnings reflect one’s self-esteem?  or perhaps we were all frightened by the cautionary tale of one member who had to be taken to the emergency room in a self-described pair of granny panties!  oh, the humiliation of it!

in any case, esme can only take this resurgence of interest in lingerie as a positive sign.  so, on to the details.  my favorite fun, comfortable, sexy bra:  blue/brown/cream tiny checks with little buckle details by marie jo l’aventure (french of course).  from last season, but can be special ordered.

marie jo l’aventure flavio bra

my decedent new acquisition:  navy blue with sheer panels and floral accents by simone perele (french again) and in stores now.  does anyone recall that the guy in SHADES OF GRAY bought the girl french lingerie in shades of pale blue??  not red, or black, but blue.

like this, in navy

note that i am a huge believer in wearing only the best on a daily basis.  don’t save your beautiful stuff for special occasions:  that, my dears, is how one can end up in the e.r. in granny panties or worse!

beauty just may keep you safe,



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