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french lingerie

feeling guilty about splurging on a bit of french frippery?  here are 5 arguments that may assuage your conscience.

first of all, your purchases support the european economy—-sorely in need of a bit of bolstering at the moment.  as goes europe (and china, and japan, etc.) so goes the u.s.  esme knows this from reading the one-page business section in the monterey herald for goodness sakes!

secondly, good lingerie supports not only one’s endowment, but also one’s self-esteem.  take it from me:  i’m a psychologist!

thirdly, your gym buddies will get a kick out of it, and you’ll get lots of compliments.

fourthly,  your significant other will love it!

and last but not least, lingerie (when worn several times per week as it should be) has a very low cost-to-incidence-of-wear-ratio.  say you spend $80 on a gorgeous bra.  and $36 on the matching panties. if you wear them let’s say…..twice a week for a year…..that’s ……um……116 divided by…..uh 104, which is um um um….only $1.11 per wearing!  WAY less than a weak cup of starbucks coffee.  indeed, less than a pack of gum.

of course, you must make sure your lingerie fits properly, and is comfy enough for every day wear.  don’t mortgage your home for a fancy bra and matching thong, and always pay your credit card bills in full. but do think quality instead of quantity, beauty above body armor.

what do you think, readers?  is fabulous lingerie worth the expense??

historic lingerie

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