NOT SO NAKED: how to wear the new volume

by admin on September 15, 2012

mystery can be sexy

“Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn’t about being naked,” declared Marc Jacobs after his eye-popping Op Art homage of a show………”  (from VOGUE on-line).  or even about hugging every line and curve (from esme).

mystery  is back in vogue (so to speak).  volume can be sexy.  the concealed body has it’s own allure.

esme and her sister roz (down for a day of sportshopping) came up with a useful guideline for wearing the new volume.  when a woman wears volume, the eye should be able to detect (and the mind imagine) the alluring shape of the body underneath. if it appears that the garment IS the body, then the woman looks like a blob.  it’s all about how the clothing drapes on the form, how a garment skims the contours beneath.

this will be a bit different for every body.  for example, esme and roz both tried on a lovely crepe-de-chine top in dark eggplant at CHARTREUSE (now on the 2nd floor of carmel plaza).  roz, who is a size larger than esme, looked great in the size S, while the size M worked for esme.   on esme the top was all about flow.  on roz it created a soft structure.  esme has always fallen for fluid fabrics (and has worn volume for years). however, a stiffer garment can work if it skims the body in just the right way.

a bit too much volume for most?

be sure to walk in the garment.  check the way the seams/fastenings/darts fall on your form.  look at yourself from the front, back and sides.  and be sure to take along a sister.  if you don’t have one handy, imagine one!

flowing and skimming,



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