by admin on September 19, 2012

white peace license plate

personality theorists have attempted to categorize personality types in various different ways.  a contemporary psychologist, Taylor Hartman, Ph.D., has grouped personality types according to color.

hartman divides personality types into reds, blues, whites, and yellows.  these categories are not meant to suggest a person’s color preferences, but rather to serve as codes/metaphors for a personality type.  esme was pretty skeptical about this until her COLOR THEORY class took the test just for fun.  it turned out that esme was a “blue”.  blues are motivated by the search for intimacy (yes!).  she had a small portion of red (motivated by power) and white (seeking peace) and very little yellow (looking for fun).

esme started noticing car colors.  on her trip to l.a. she saw not one but several white cars with distinctive license plates, one of which was “peace”.  score one for dr. hartman!

then she began musing on her love for purple:  what is purple but blue with a bit of red….add white and you have violet!

mr. noir insists that he would be a yellow……but then, he has yet to take the test (too busy having fun)!

yellow is for fun!

are we having fun yet??,



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