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swim snorkel

esme seems to have become a minor swim snorkel celebrity among her swimming buddies.  she has been using a snorkel for years in order to spare her spine from the twisting motion involved in side-breathing.  she would like to make it perfectly clear that she KNOWS HOW TO BREATH, and that indeed, she would much prefer to do a lovely unencumbered crawl.  however, an experiment in forsaking her snorkel lead to a minor disaster.  she has been forced to overcome her vanity, and should be grateful that she is able to swim at all.

you would think that swimming would be easy on the aging body.  you’d imagine that it would be next to impossible to injure oneself swimming.  however, you would be wrong.  a goodly number of esme’s swim buddies  have encountered neck, shoulder, and back injuries. heavens, one swimmer almost ended up in the e.r. after swimming 20 laps with a new pair of flippers!  doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors and esme recommended a snorkel!

so, esme has become the go-to person for snorkel advice.  here’s what she has to say.  start out with an inexpensive, light-weight snorkel attached to a small mask.  these can be found at BIG 5.  don’t use a dive-snorkel!  make sure the mouthpiece is comfortable.  several swimmers have had trouble when a too-small or ill-fitting mouth-piece let in water.  it can take a while to get the hang of breathing through a tube.  be patient.

once you have mastered the snorkel and mask, try attaching the snorkel to a pair of goggles.  this will make you feel more like a seal and less like a hippo.  don’t breath through your nose, silly!  breath in and out through the snorkel that you hold lightly between your lips and teeth.  esme can now breathe in through her mouth and out through her nose if she chooses (just touch your tongue lightly to your palate as you breathe OUT through your nose, then breathe IN through your mouth again).

i know this sounds like a pain in the butt, but it could save you a royal pain in the neck!  note to self:  look for a hot-pink snorkel to co-ordinate with my hot-pink rash-guard.

still breathing,



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