by admin on September 23, 2012

prada, with daisies

it’s rare to find a runway look that one can actually imagine wearing.  but check out this black-and-gray-with-daisies outfit from the spring prada collection.  esme is crazy about those gray daisies!  indeed, she loves the whole outfit.  look at the little japanesy sandals worn with toe-socks!

mind you, it would be REALLY expensive for esme to buy this outfit, as she’d have to purchase 2 of the skirts and have them sewn together in order to cover her knees.  but what is money when it comes to love?

here’s how hamish bowles (  describes the collection:

“The show opened on a somber note, with mini- or midi-length dresses (or tunics layered over clamdigger pants, or even knitted rompers) in shadowy blacks, inky blue, and bottle green, in boxy, rectangular shapes, deliberately cut to subvert the conventional norms of fit—bust darts that don’t quite curve the body as they are generally intended, skirt volumes that are a tad clunky and off-kilter.”

omg, i love the writing almost as much as the outfits!  what do you think, readers??

just don’t eat the daisies,



prada – spring 2013

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