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most visible colors (yellow and green)

did you know that the first thing one notices about an object is….it’s color??  think about shopping:  esme usually scans the racks to spot colors she likes, and only then takes the garment out, looks at its fabric, it’s texture, its shape.   does this have anything to do with the tendency to group people by the color of their skin?

and, yellows and greens are more easily perceived than other colors.  in fact, contrary to what one might imagine, a red car is one of the most difficult to see at night.  (hmmmm….maybe they should make those orange cones yellow).  and people, think about choosing a red get away car!  a nice red ferrari might do (but avoid the yellow ones).

colors have both individual and cultural connotations.  mr. noir, having been through medical school, can’t stand any color that reminds him of bile, while someone else might see such colors as earthy and appealing.  someone might have been horribly ill in a red room, and feels sick at the very thought of red.

in europe during the middle ages, purple connoted royalty, while in china the royals wore yellow.  we wear white to marry, while in some asian culturals one wears white to funerals.

in china, white is for funerals

and woe to him who wears the wrong gang colors in the wrong place these days.

color, like fashion as a whole, is about communication.  perhaps we should be teaching our children (in addition to “use your words”) to “use your colors”!

counting my colors,




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