by admin on September 26, 2012

purple havianas

what to wear for a trip to a place that can be both hot and rainy in the same breath?  esme has had conflicting predictions about new orleans weather at the end of october, but most say that one should be prepared for heat, rain, and a slight chill in the evening.  (i won’t say that the possibility of hurricanes has completely escaped me, but i am trying to use my limited powers of denial about that one!)

as an (almost) native californian, esme finds it hard to wrap her mind around this type of climate.  we are used to chilly and rainy,  warm and dry, and cool and foggy, but NEVER hot and wet.  (well, that’s one reason we live here, to be sure).  i do hope that the heat will be therapeutic for my skin and joints–nature’s steam room!

i plan to duplicate my l.a. travel capsule for my basic wardrobe:  loose linen or cotton pants in tans and blues (with one orange ha ha!);  tank tops, sleeveless tops, and short-sleeved tee’s (mostly in black); and sandals; 2 sleeveless dresses with wraps for evening.

but what if it rains?  everyone tells me that people just wear flip-flops!  flip-flops?  are you kidding me?  but my feet will get wet!  ick!  and how could i walk more than a block in them?  mr. noir, btw, has never owned a pair of flip-flops in his life, and certainly doesn’t plan to start now!  esme has one pair for going from the locker room to the pool (havianas in purple), but that’s about how long they are tolerable.

ok.  at the very least i will spray my leather sandals with that water-proofing stuff before we leave.  and bring my flip-flops for going to the pool.  but should i bring/buy a pair of short boots?  won’t that be too hot?

and what about a rain coat?  i hear “just bring an umbrella” but i’ve never found them satisfactory, and you’ve got to carry them for heavens sakes!  i’ve been on a little quest for some sort of light rain garment.  have found a rather fetching one in vibrant turquoise at stephan-cori.  it even has a hood.  but it’s rather pricey for a 5 day trip where it may or may not rain.

turquoise rain coat

ok readers.  if anyone has wisdom in this matter, do let esme know before the last week in october.  and keep those hurricanes away!




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