by admin on September 27, 2012

crosby stills and nash at the sunset center

it wasn’t on my bucket list, but it should have been:  attend a rock concert.  omg now i see why these things were such a hit in the old days. the lights!  the sound that goes right up your spine!  the sense of cosmic unity! i even managed to sneak in a few illicit pics until the usher shushed me.  i thought they were videos, but sadly they were just “stills” (lol).

mr. noir scored a couple of tickets to a crosby stills and nash performance (sold out in 6 minutes on-line) at our local venue, the sunset center.  one of the few performances in this setting where most of the hair was gray, but not blue.  there were even quite a few 30 or 40 somethings.  apparently mr. nash’s daughter is a mid-wife who lives locally–perhaps they were fans from her generation.

mr. noir and i are thinking about growing out our hair so we look like real rockers. mr. noir could have a long, thin, gray ponytail and i’d have a mop of wavy salt-and-pepper hair to my shoulders.  maybe i could even manage a braid (now THAT is on my bucket list—always wanted a braid).

i do think i strained my left wrist from clapping, but it was totally worth it!  now, what else could be on my bucket list that i don’t know about?

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