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a really big coat

for the coat fanciers amongst us there’s a scrumptious array of winter coats available this season.  and i don’t think you’ll have to worry about the sleeves being too tight!  indeed, the bigger concern will be whether you’ll fit through the doorway.

esme loves coats.  if she had a big enough closet and a big enough budget, she could easily buy one or two each fall.  her mouth has been watering looking at the delicious colors, textures and shapes of the latest crop.  however, she’s pleased to say that her over-sized red coat from a few years ago looks even more au courant than it did when she bought it.  well, she would love a coat in teal, or perhaps mustard, and a nice charcoal gray would be great. she can only wonder what will be left by the time the winter sales come around.

check out this coat from the latest VOGUE.  fantastic, but completely impractical.  this one is so big that you could fit a few farm animals inside.  imagine carrying these billowing, sculptural coats when you get too hot, or squeezing into a car wearing them.  time for a new hummer!  and i have been so longing for one of those little fiat 500’s.

another problem with a really really big coat is that the looser the coat, the less likely it will be to keep you warm.  esme learned this the hard way when she went on a coat-buying binge many years ago.  billowing, non-tapered sleeves, low or loose necklines, swinging hems will all let your body heat out and the cold air in.  buyer beware.  a coat is nothing if not a fundamentally practical garment…a substitute for the fur we lost somewhere along our evolutionary path.

so maybe something like this would be nice:

more like this




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