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fancy schmancy bras

not everyone is as enthusiastic about fancy lingerie as esme.  phashion plate (who, being a male, might be expected to be for it) wrote a rather passionate argument against it.  here is what he had to say:

My 5 reasons not to buy fancy schmancy lingerie

1). Most non-french lingerie is made in 3rd world countries that need more employment.

2). Support is a matter of design and material.  Flimsier material can mean less support.
3). If you’ve got a problem with “show through” (or “knob control”) then less is not more.  Except to males like Noir and myself.
4). I think the design is insignificant, it’s the act that counts.  The sound of the eye-hooks being released….
5). Your cost/wearing argument is undermined by the delicate nature of thin fabrics.
And besides, since so many women wear bad fitting bras … shouldn’t they spend their coin on decent fit?  Too bad there isn’t a “bra police”.  I’d give out tickets left and right!
esme must say that she’s rather captivated by the idea of a bra police.  i’m sure mr. noir would love to volunteer!
and then there are women for whom lingerie is just not something appealing.  or those who don’t like underwire.  or some who have found a brand that fits and swear by it (many in this group swear by wacoal).  so i suppose that if wearing a set of lingerie that is a thing of beauty is not on your bucket list, don’t worry about.  although you just might find (as esme did with a recent rock concert) that it would have been on your bucket list if you’d tried it!
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