NEW ORLEANS TRAVEL CAPSULE CONTINUED (quest for a light rain jacket)

by admin on October 3, 2012

(too big) G.E.T. jacket

whether esme will really need a light rain jacket for her trip to new orleans remains to be seen.  however, she’s taken up a quest for such an item, and neither rain nor sleet nor hail can deter her.

the quest has taken place over a couple of months.  not much has been available, as fall merch is just beginning to come into the shops.  esme started at a local sports shop, THE TREADMILL.  they have all manner of running/hiking/exercise gear.  after trying on a few rain-repellent patagonia type jackets, esme decided that this category was too crunchy/thin/sporty for her needs.  she already has such a jacket that is relegated strictly to dog-walking.

the next level consists of more stylish jackets/coats that often stuff into little bags—mycra pac is known for these.  some now have hoods, a necessity in esme’s mind.  they are pretty expensive, not bad looking, but to me they kind of scream “tourist”!

mycra pac jacket

the top contender at the moment is a jacket by G.E.T.  THE CLOTHING STORE in pacific grove carries them, but didn’t have any in esme’s size.  STEPHAN-CORI also has a few.  they come in basic black and also in wilder shades of orange, turquoise, etc.  now these would be very useful for local weather, although perhaps a tad heavy for new orleans.  i plan to go back to THE CLOTHING STORE when they receive a new batch of them.

just the right light trench would also be great.  but i’ve been on a quest for one of those for years, so chances of finding one in the next 3 weeks seem slim.

checking the weather and the shops,



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