by admin on October 7, 2012

to tailor or not to tailor?

in theory, having one’s too long, too tight, too loose clothing altered to fit is a great idea.  however, in my experience, it’s often a mistake.

esme recently took a bunch of stuff to be fixed……this in an effort to revive a number of nice garments hanging forlornly in her closet.  she had great hopes for a little black knit blazer by 3-dots that she had acquired some years ago.  a useful thing, if imperfect.  it had these funny little poufs on the tops on the sleeves (detested by mr.noir) that various friends assured her would be easy to delete.

when she got it back, not only had the poufs been eliminated, but the whole sleeve had been taken up and narrowed.  now it feels funny and looks even more ridiculous.  certainly, esme should have been more assertive and specified precisely what she wanted done.  however, being naive when it comes to sewing, she was also naively trusting that the experts would know what to do.

same with a tank dress that needed just a tad of shortening from the shoulders.  a tad turned into a lot and now it’s somewhat less right than it was before.  oy.

lessons???  don’t buy stuff that doesn’t fit!  if you do, try to live with it the way it is (we all do this with our mates, n’est-ce pas??).  or, if all else fails, learn to sew!  (in esme’s case, forget that one!).




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