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how about this?

if you, like esme, take weeks to decide whether or not to buy a particular pair of pants, imagine trying to buy a car!  esme’s trusty car has been in the shop a few times too often, and it’s time to trade ‘er in for a new one.

esme has never been fond of her current car’s color:  a sort of common goldish beige.  she doesn’t hate it, but she doesn’t love it either.  she absolutely loved the color of her previous car:  a pure, non-metallic orange that she dubbed freelander orange.  that car, alas, despite being fun and completely lovable, had to be traded in the day it’s warranty ran out–it was completely unreliable.

even since then, esme has longed for a car in a color that she would love as much as she loved that orange.  she is tired of the ubiquitous golds and silvers.  greens are problematic.  what she’d really like is something non-metallic.  but for some reason, very few car-makers produce anything other than black and white in a non-metallic color.

esme would love to have one of those little fiat 500’s.  they come in all sorts of delicious non-metallic colors.  she even drove one, and it suited her to a tee.  however, there’s no dealer locally, and, it’s not a great car for driving back and forth to l.a.

so, she hit upon a car that has just come out–the bmw x1.  it’s compact, one sits high, and it has a pleasing bmw-ish quality.  but what color?  it’s a rare to be able to actually order a car in a color of one’s choice, so esme wanted to get this one right.  she had seen a little bmw at her gym that she fell in love with at first sight.  it was in a color called marrakesh brown,  a rich, multi-faceted brown that reminded esme of the gleaming coat of a race-horse.  (see how one’s associations influence one’s perception of color?)

but there were a few problems.  one, dark metallic colors are hard to maintain.  they show every bit of dust, dirt, dents from falling pine cones, and bird poop.  and two, mr. noir disapproved.  i found out that he secretly thought the color looked like poop.  ugh.

so after several agonizing weeks of obsessional rumination, esme chose the white one.  mr. noir assured her that white looked “crisp and clean”, even though esme thought of it as boring.  now she’s trying to persuade herself that the white looks like a fox-terrier:  creamy with black ears and accents.

can’t wait to see what hunter thinks of it.

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