by admin on October 10, 2012

pink is for guys?

once, in the early ’80’s, esme dated a guy who drove a pink porsche.  not only that….the car had been given to him by his mother!  imagine!  i don’t think he’d undergone a lot of psychotherapy (if any) but esme had.  as one might expect, that relationship didn’t last long.  however, the car was unforgettable.  i still wonder what happened to it.  does he have it in a garage somewhere?  was it sold, and if so to whom?  once i thought i saw an old pink porsche driving along highway 1, but perhaps it was my imagination.

when i first met mr. noir, he was driving (appropriately!) a black audi quattro turbo coupe.  esme didn’t know from quattros or turbos, but she knew that mr. noir was quite pleased with it.  and believe me, it was a very masculine car.  indeed, being a passenger in it could be a bit frightening at times.  nonetheless, despite his love for horsepower, mr. noir has an impeccable driving record to this day.

audi quattro turbo coupe

around this same time, i had a girlfriend who dumped a guy she was dating because he drove like a geezer.  there is something about guys and cars, don’t you think?

car memories, readers??

no pink porsches,



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