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oxblood for fall

did you know that there’s a job called “color forecaster”?  these are people who predict/plan the dominant colors for fabric, paint, etc. for each season.  believe it or not, they must choose their colors 2 years in advance.  this is how long it takes the fashion and design industries to create sufficient fabric/paint in just the right colors to feed our color hunger.

esme can only wonder to what degree color forecasters intuit which colors our eyes will gravitate towards, versus telling us which colors we should want.  that is, are they diviners or enforcers?  probably a bit of both.

one of the it colors for fall 2012 is called oxblood.  i find that name a little creepy, even though i’m not a vegetarian…..and prefer to think of it as burgundy, merlot, bordeaux… something ummmm vineous!  think of the word sanguine (which really means bloody) vs. the wine dark sea….but i digress!

here’s what one expert has to say:  “We’re looking to nature not in an ‘eco’ way, but more as a new inspiration for luxury.” With that in mind, earthy jewel tones, such as rich wine colors and emerald greens, plus warm orange-yellows and browns will be popular, along with bursts of color that are “inspired by a sense of fun and absurdity.”

burgundy has always been a good color (and a good varietal) for esme. she has a few lovely oxblood sweaters, acquired years before the color became fashionable, lurking in her closet.  they’ve never looked quite right.  yet suddenly, i pop one on et voila–looks good, especially with my new mustard colored GAP boyfriend cords.  fashion trends are insidious.  they seem to work on the eye and the mind unconsciously, perhaps while we sleep.

old burgundy
shopping my closet for wine,



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